Monday, 24 August 2009

The Anti-Scotsman


I posted a simple link asking if people would like to show their support for Scotland's people, and how too do so.

The Scotsman Newspaper promptly removed it.

You would think a national title would show it's support for a small and basic grassroots campaign such as this? After all their calendar, quaich and shortbread subscriptions would benefit greatly.

UPDATE: OUCH! Some recent shareholders are gonna hurt! seems the world thinks the same of an ailing paper in an ailing market!

Nobodies even talking to them about buying!


Johnston Press notes the press speculation regarding the potential disposal of the Scotsman. Whilst Company policy is not to comment on such speculation, Johnston Press can confirm that the board does not have any disposal process underway in this regard.


  1. D C Thomson, publishers of the Courier and Advertiser, bought Aberdeen's Press and Journal. I wonder if they would be interested in The Hootsman?

    It would make for a very intereting change in editorial policy!

  2. I would just like to bring your attention to this...

    and this from wikipedia

    just goes to show you that they are all a bunch of's a pity the vast majority are of Scottish decent as well.

    Besides in this world of religious bigotry, hatred , fundamentalism...that includes the USA's bible belt....someone has to blink and hope that it brings some peace to different races and faiths.....McAskill done alright in my could tell by his face he never came to this decision lightly, and that he does believe in a God...the man has concience too!!! Give him a break

  3. I do not agree with violence. But the petty politiking has made me sick. It is a contentious issue and history will prove them as the people who sullied the momment.

    He did all right in my book and it would appear the Scottish peoples.

    I would like to known why milliband sealed the record.