Monday 24 August 2009

"...Can I regret the politicisation of what is a quasi-judicial decision, and for my part commend the justice secretary for a courageous decision, which is entirely consistent with both the principles of Scots law and Christian morality, as evidenced by the widespread support of churches across Scotland...."

Malcolm Chisholm
Labour MSP

Well done Sir.


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Given the recent release of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, I have sat back in astonishment at the USA's reaction, the whipped up fever of Scotland hate and boycotting of shortbread. For having the audacity of using it's own legal system in a humane and reasonable manner.

I, as a Scot living in Edinburgh, have had enough of the inflamed and sensationalised hysteria and ridiculous arguments over the recent Lockerbie decision.

Mr MacAskill faced a decision lesser men would have flinched from and wormed out from under. I know myself I would not like to have to face the world's wrath at an unpopular decision. Which , if you call yourself reasonable, was always the way it was going to go.

I am proud of Mr MacAskill, my country and our choosing of right over vengeance,

on a subject riddled with many an unanswered question. I know which version of law I would prefer to live under one guided by compassion, fairness and justice rather than hate, vengeance and bitterness .I hope in time the world will come to reconcile the decision of the release and look at it as a proud and defining momment for a country striving to contribute it's own part too the world and ALL of it's people.

To the people of Scottish descent I say remain proud. You're Scottish through good and bad. The values of fairness to all men as you expect to be treated remains still a strong feature of our unique culture. I hope it remains still yours.

To the people of Scotland I say stand tall, stand proud. we have faced worse and have kept our proud tradition of fairness ,decency and courage.

To the people involved in this tragedy our prayers. Ask questions, demand answers and search for the truth. Do not allow decisions like Members of the Westminster parliament sealing the record on the case, in hindering your quest for the answers. Ask why?

To the detractors, agitators and political opportunists.

Go boil yer heid.

The Anti-Scotsman


I posted a simple link asking if people would like to show their support for Scotland's people, and how too do so.

The Scotsman Newspaper promptly removed it.

You would think a national title would show it's support for a small and basic grassroots campaign such as this? After all their calendar, quaich and shortbread subscriptions would benefit greatly.

UPDATE: OUCH! Some recent shareholders are gonna hurt! seems the world thinks the same of an ailing paper in an ailing market!

Nobodies even talking to them about buying!


Johnston Press notes the press speculation regarding the potential disposal of the Scotsman. Whilst Company policy is not to comment on such speculation, Johnston Press can confirm that the board does not have any disposal process underway in this regard.